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No, no, the green one!

Darcy's favourite graphics journal!

Colin Firth layouts, icons, etc.
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This is sunsetsylvia's graphics journal. Hello! :)
The community name stems from the noteworthy "No, no, the green one!" scene (apart from all the other noteworthy scenes) in the 1995 BBC series Pride & Prejudice. ;) That is how patethic I am! :D
Here you will find (modified) layouts, icons and other graphic stuff mostly centered on the handsome Colin Firth, but also other stuff.
The layout codes are by gossymer, the header is by me!
The "the green one" icon was made by the wonderful shmarollynn @ pw_graphics. Thank you very much! :)

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# Please comment when you like what you see. Comments are the wind beneath my wings! *g*
# Credit (green_graphics or sunsetsylvia), when you take stuff! If you're not sure how to give credit look here.
# Since the layout overrides are in most cases not mine originally, I don't post them on default. However, if you're interested, I'll be happy to provide them. Credit then me AND the maker of the original codes!
# Ah, yes: textless icons are not bases, if not declared otherwise! Do not alter them.
# And please, do not hotlink! It's so easy and free to open f.e. a photobucket account of your own, to store pictures.

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